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"I have read everything I can about Jean Baptiste Charbonneau, Tousaint and Sacagawea and the L&C expedition. This is the best book about Jean Baptiste I have read. There is not a lot of speculation to fill in the gaps of the written record."​

Chuck Charbonneau, Birch Bay, Washington


"Book was as described by author. Jean Baptiste Charbonneau's bio showed Jean not to be beside his mother at the Wind River Reservation in Wyoming. This book was well researched and used well established documentation to show where he actually was and where he died -- in Oregon, not Wyoming." Leon Curtis, Ft. Worth, TX

"History at its Best! This informative and pleasurable read about Charbonneau, the much loved baby "Pomp" on the Corps of Discovery, puts a face on the man that went on to become successful in the untamed West in his own right." Maggie Starr

"I Enjoyed it! I'm giving it five stars. I liked the book precisely because it focuses on important historical elements. I also appreciated the author's effort to engage the reader in reasonable supposition about Baptiste's undocumented activities." Mary McDonnell

"Overall, the author has done a superb job of researching the life of this larger-than-life historical figure, and has brought us a wonderful account of his exploits and adventures." Dr. David P. Diaz

"Great reading! A thoroughly enjoyable and authentic record of part of our American history. A young man's mark that makes this history a deeply memorable one." Alice Cano


"I found Michael Lance Ritter's book, Jean Baptiste Charbonneau, Man of Two Worlds, a joy to read. This is a story that details a period in our history that holds great fascination for me and I found his writing easy to read, historically accurate and with interesting surprises along the way. It is certainly a book I intend to recommend to my niece! Thank you, Mr. Ritter." Ellen Swanson

The book has been purchased by the National Park Service, Bureau of Land Management, the Lewis & Clark Interpreticve Center in Great Falls, museums, historical societies, university and public libraries, bookstores and educators.

The Jean Baptiste Charbonneau Biography is in its 3rd edition as of January, 2013. It can be ordered hardcover or ebook at (recommended),,, Powell's, or from your favorite bookstore. BOOK STORES: order at

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